Sunday, June 3, 2012

Baby Bean Update: 35 Weeks

I didn't get a chance to post yesterday, which was 35 weeks. Spending most of the day cleaning doesn't call for any picture-worthy outfits (or hair... or anything, really). This is what I wore to church this morning after trying on four different dresses. Nothing fits and surprisingly, this non-maternity dress was the ticket. Granted, it's a total tent (I obviously belted it, pre-pregnancy), it felt like a weightless nightgown and really, that's all I'm asking for at this point. I couldn't even bear to wear my black heels, so these casual sandals had to fill in and as much as I don't like the two together, sometimes comfort overrules. 
dress: Simply Vera for Kohl's, shoes: Fergie, earrings: Anika Burke 
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35 weeks has been a tough marker for me. I'm seriously at the point where I cry when I open my mouth to talk, everything is in my way or is making me anxious, I'm hungry, but can't eat much, indigestion is like... outrageous, and honestly, when people ask, "How are you feeling?" All I can think of is, "Pregnant." Because if I said what I really wanted to say, they'd look at me like I had five heads and totally didn't appreciate this miracle of life that God has given me the opportunity to grow. And trust me, I AM THANKFUL and blessed and I know it to the core. There just comes a time when the baby should come out. I'd like it to be yesterday.
I have to sit down halfway through music worship at church because my feet get so swollen and I swear that whatever is going on to my left hip/pelvis/back strap better be reversible or I'm going to be icing my body for life. When husband touches me, I tell him it hurts to live. AND my maternity photo shoot is this weekend with my best friend, Jackie. She's the sweetest, most patient, motherly person I know. I hope I don't get her to yell at me... That would be bad. I can just see her suggesting a pose and me saying, "Are you KIDDING ME right now?" 
(Jackie, I promise I'll try to keep my opinions to myself and trust the professional.)
I said I felt like I was carrying a watermelon around. 
My brother corrected me and said Bean looked more like a beach ball.
Gee, thanks.
Also, my back does NOT come out as far as this dress. I told you it's a tent.

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