Sunday, June 10, 2012

Baby Bean Update: 36 Weeks & Mommy Moxie Winner!

First of all, I am officially dubbing myself the bravest plus-sized, pregnant style blogger because I'm posting 36 week pregnancy photos of me in a bathing suit.
Also, this has been my uniform as of late and I didn't wear anything else today, so...
 bathing suit: Merona for Target (last year-not maternity), flip flops: Old Navy
Well, you can't really see me anymore than that, right? This is Bean and me at 36 weeks and 1 day. Please excuse my amazingly sexy tank top tan lines. I've been wearing a tank top in the sun for the past year and a half while watching kids run around, so I think it might be semi-permanent. 
In other news, I touched up my roots (by myself! without a box!) and then got some highlights just to make things really evened out for my maternity pictures, which were yesterday. My best friend, Jackie, was here with her two youngest girls and we had a BUSY time. Crazy busy. But it was awesome to have her here and I can't wait 'til she gets back to stay for a week after Bean's born.
Pregnancy? Well, it's going... slowly. You know that hip adductor machine at the gym where you have the weights between your thighs and press together? Or maybe you'd understand riding a horse better... Either way, I feel like I've been doing those for a week straight. My inner thighs are killing me and I have absolutely no idea what the deal is. Pressure? Anyone experience that before? My hips, pelvis and low back (especially on the left side) are hurting all the time and about 75% of the time, my left bum cheek and left leg are numb/sore (sciatica). Being in the pool is 100% my favorite feeling right now, because it takes all the pressure off of my ginormous body. Oh, also, swelling is so happening. My flip flops and fake wedding ring no longer fit. So, yeah. Needless to say, I thought I was ready before, but I'm super ready, now. We have our 36 week appointment on Wednesday and are having an ultrasound for size and position. I pray that she's head down and wants to come out on her own before my surgery date. If not, oh well. It's in God's hands.
Big thanks to Mommy Moxie for having the awesome giveaway last week on my blog! We had a great turnout with 95 entries and the winner of the maternity hospital gown is MICHAELA! Congratulations! Michaela said she was going to use the gown as a shower gift for one of her many friends who are expecting soon.
If you haven't visited the Mommy Moxie shop recently, stop by! You can now order your own The Little Bit hospital gown and there are some awesome new items in the shop, too! Check out the Custom Minky Crib Sheet and Custom Changing Pad Cover! I'm definitely going to be getting one of those changing pad covers. Too cute!
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  1. Your suit rocks! I love how long it is, I wish mine had that much coverage. You look great!


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