Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer is Upon Us - The Kids are IN

For many parents, summer time is as exciting as it is a challenge when it comes to the kids being out of school. I've been struggling with ways to entertain my little one since I started staying home and with another one on the way, I've had to brainstorm a lot when it comes to keeping Little S active and engaged during the warmer months! With the Littlewoods Reebok EasyTone line, the whole family can comfortably enjoy the three months of summer vacation around the corner. Here are some outdoor ideas for you and your littlest family members.

My brother just got S a soccer ball and she LOVES it. Whether we're inside or outside, she wants to kick her sparkly pink and purple soccer ball around. This is an easy sport to get your child involved in because all it requires are comfortable, athletic shoes, a field, a ball, and people! You can block off an area for a goal if you'd like, but the point here is to get you and your kids moving.
We take the most advantage of this activity since I'm hugely pregnant and being in the pool takes the pressure off of my body. S gets in her floating device and goes to town on her own. She's constantly moving, kicking her legs and spinning around from one side of the pool to the other. With plenty of sunscreen, water to drink, and swimming safety, one to two hours at the pool ensures a good appetite and a deep, long night of sleep for parent and child!
If the pool is too crowded or it's a cloudy or cool day, we hit the playground. There are several in our local area, so I like to change it up and rotate so S doesn't get bored with the same scenery and equipment. Going to different locations also ensures new faces and new friends for both parents and children. Yesterday, S wanted to swing and as much as that's a workout for me, she wasn't releasing much energy. I started an obstacle course and soon had her running laps around the structure, going up rock walls, down slides, up ladders, down ramps, and we had one tired out little girl in the evening!
Our family proudly owns new bicycles for each member and although I don't feel comfortable riding mine outside of the neighborhood at this point in my pregnancy, it's proven to be a great release and exercise tool for my husband. S loves riding along on her tricycle, stopping at every dandelion to pick on for respective family members (even the unborn baby!), or she'll tag along with Daddy in the bike trailer on a trip to the river or around the neighborhood.
This is one of the best activities I can suggest for families at home during the summer time. With comfortable and supportive walking shoes and loads of sunscreen, you and your kids can be off on any sort of adventure. We scavenge for ladybugs, dandelions, dodge ant hills, look at different color grasses, spy different colors from nature, and learn numbers from looking at house addresses. Patience is a virtue when it comes to walking with toddlers because they take their time and really take it all in. Enjoy it! Soon, their lives will be going at warp speed just like yours!
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