Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Hospital Bag

I don't know about other moms, but I've written, re-written, and re-re-written my list for packing the hospital bags. I have one for Bean and I and one for Big Sister S. She won't be staying at the hospital overnight, but we got her some sweet things that will hopefully make her feel very special, involved, and appreciated. I keep panicking that I'm going to forget something super important or pack way too much that I won't need. Remember, I've done this before, so I'm not a total novice. I just feel so much more last minute and unprepared with Bean than I did S. I don't know why. 
I found these two lists on Pinterest and printed out yet another. Some of the items on these lists, I find necessary. Some are obviously extras. And some are things I totally didn't think of - like spending money. I forgot that if I want Husband to stay with me, I'd better hand over some cash so he can get food from the hospital. Sure, I can pack snacks... but is that really going to hold him over? Here's the other thing: We live 2 miles from the hospital, so really, if I forget something or he's hungry, he can just run home and get those things.

That said, I've packed the bags and know that I need one more tanktop that's in the dryer right now and to grab my blow dryer on my way out the door (I need it for my maternity pics this weekend!). Other than that, I feel pretty stocked up. I'm not brining diapers and wipes because I know our hospital provides them. But I'm bringing my own lotion for her because I don't want them to put that pink Johnson & Johnson's all over her! Basically, I want to know from those with experience - 
What did YOU bring that you felt was super necessary? What did you pack that you didn't use once? And what do you wish you'd packed?
The countdown is on - 24 days left 'til the official D-Day. And if I go before then, THANK HEAVEN! I've got to get these last minute details wrapped up and I'd love your advice!

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