Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Glimpse into Gingham Wonderland

There was once a shirt that I loved so dearly...
... that I based the design of a whole entire nursery on its gingham glory.
And although the finishing touches have yet to be made (artwork hung, crib skirt completed, clothes put away...), I wanted to show you a few glimpses into Bean's room. It's probably tied with S' room for my most favorite in the house. Eventually, I plan to love our room just as much, but we've really concentrated on the designs of our girls' rooms and we're really proud!

Every part of the room is "my favorite," because I put a lot of thought into the design, but topping it all has to be the gingham wall that Husband painted. It was taped off 5 different times to get the three shades (ultra white, daisy, and yukon gold - Valspar). I'm so pleased with how it turned out!
mobile: from Target (was Little S'), lantern: Target, rocking horse: my Nanny made it (it was mine), books: gifts from friends (Mell, Angie, Gabi, Joe), Eiffel Tower bank: gift from Mell, bitty gold toe shoes: Old Navy
My *second* favorite part of the room (and first favorite item) has to be our glider/ottoman, which was gifted to us by my MIL. We helped some, but she really went out with a bang on this. I fell in love with it at Babies 'R Us and it was ours. I got the lumbar pillow in gold ikat print on Etsy. 
 After Hubs was done with each shade of paint, I covered S' old pink baskets to match the gingham wall. These house burp cloths, receiving blankets, and bath linens and are on the bottom shelf of the changing table.
 And we heart cloth! Our cloth diapering endeavor has gone wonderfully so far and I'm so glad my best friend, Jackie, got me on the bandwagon. She's cloth diapering her third girl and it's her first go-round with it, too, so we're bouncing off of each other and it's going so well. I really love it and can't imagine going back to disposables! Here's half of our newborn stash all clean and fluffy, ready for a sweet little bum!
As I complete the room, I'll be doing a video tour of both of the girls' bedrooms so you can see how much work we've put into them and where our bitties live!

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