Monday, July 30, 2012

Best Of...

Since I haven't gotten "dressed" in about 6 weeks, I decided to go through my old outfits to get some inspiration and see what pieces I should pull to the front of the closet to be the first things I wear when I'm done losing this baby weight (6 pounds to go!). Here are several of my most favorite outfits from the past two-ish years.
It's mostly weird to see how my style has evolved and how my weight has fluctuated. And I see so many things that I can't wait to wear again, soon. Any other new mommas miss their wardrobes?


  1. Love the photos :) Hannah will be two in September and I till wear maternity jeans. I will not allow my self to walk around with a muffin top :( so I wear my baby jeans. I can't fit into one thing since before Hannah. Oh how my body has changed and I really haven't put a ton of effort nto fixing it which is my problem. ;/


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