Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Sailor's Life for Me

Yo-ho, yo-ho... I didn't intend on looking remotely nautical, today, and the style of my outfit is far from it. But the stripes and ocean-like flow of my beloved maxi just remind me of standing on the bow of a boat in the wind.
 top (skirt): Made by me, skirt: Old Navy, shoes: Shoe Department, necklace: Made by Whitney
I found this little nook in the trees and it was shady and beautiful... until I set up the camera. And then it was sunny and beautiful and my photos became washed out. Ah, such is life. 
Because of the lighting, you can't really see my hair color, but I dyed it back to my natural-ish hue. The super-blonde was way too much maintenance with how busy I am right now and let's face it, bleach blonde hair with dark roots is just not hot. Hopefully I can get a more true-to-color photo of the hair this week for ya!

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