Monday, September 17, 2012

A+ Parenting

Sometimes, you have to throw all of the rules out the window and just be a fun parent. I mean, you have to throw ALL caution to the wind, forget nutrition, and give your child an oreo blizzard for breakfast.
S helped me clean so much on Friday and I promised her an ice cream treat. After dinner, we drove up to Husband's work and waited for him to get off so he could join us. By the time he came out, S was completely passed out, not to be woken by even cymbals (we didn't have any on hand to try, but I'm fairly certain they wouldn't have worked). So, Husband and I decided I couldn't go back on my promise and that she'd get her ice cream treat as soon as she woke up.
Sometimes, parenting is even more fun that usual. Seeing your child's face when you offer ice cream for breakfast is the sprinkles on top of the cherry on top.

When was a time that you broke the rules for your kids?

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