Monday, September 10, 2012

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

Today, I'm linking up with Crystal, of My Ramblings, to spread the word about ovarian cancer. She was gracious enough to send me some facts that are so important for us to know. I imagine the vast majority of my readers are women, so I hope you'll visit Crystal's post and take some time to use your voice (as a blogger or on facebook/twitter) to spread this important information. Link up with Crystal on today's post, share a story, wear teal, or just share the facts with your readers and/or friends. We all have the power of community! 

When I was in college, I was diagnosed with HPV. I haven't really ever told anyone that, before. My parents and boyfriend knew... and my roommate. At the time, I was horrified. I didn't know it was common and I thought I was going to die. After several abnormal pap results, I finally had to get a biopsy called a coloscopy, and I thought for sure that I had cancer. My gynecologist kept talking to me about mutating cells, stage 3 this, abnormal that, and all I could think was, "Will I be able to have children?" Now, this was all effecting my cervix, not my ovaries. But a woman feels a little threatened when any part of her womanhood is in danger. Am I right? After my biopsy, everything was normal again. I didn't ever have any physical symptoms, so had I not gone in for my routine exam, I would never have known something was wrong. GET TO THE DOCTOR.
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So here is a fact sheet with some important things we should keep in mind about ovarian cancer:
PLEASE pass this information along to all of the women that you love! 
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