Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mom on the Go

There are some days that I look in the mirror and feel like a total Mom. I guess this is one of those days. I even pinned the neckline of my top so that I didn't show too much cleavage. Seriously? I never used to care! These coconuts have a little too much milk, though. I don't really want to share with anyone... outside of this house, anyway. I adore my mustard cardigan more than almost any other piece in my wardrobe, but it just doesn't look good on me! It's not *so* bad with my skin as much as it totally clashes with my hair. It's time to do another process and get that hair darker, though. Maybe it'll look better on me in December. 
 Top: Motherhood (shh, I can't bear to get rid of it), jeans: Old Navy, cardigan: Agar, flats: Target
I hope everyone's doing well! It's time to go do some more sewing and feeding of the crying babe. 

I do want to pitch an idea, though! Because I've had a total lack of motivation when it comes to getting dressed, lately, I was thinking of doing a little weekly project. Basically, I'd be your paper doll, if you're interested. I'm going to pick five blogger outfits and post them on Mondays. Then you vote on one and I'll recreate it to the best of my ability that Friday. What do you think? It's a copycat project, so even though I wouldn't be coming up with super original ideas, I think it'd help me get back in the swing of wearing more than yoga pants! And of course, I'll put my own spin on things! Let me know in a comment below if you'd be interested in something like that!

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