Thursday, January 10, 2013

Off Grid

I've been taking time (as some of you might have noticed) to try and decide if I should stick with blogging. The up and down, in and out roller coaster has taken a toll on my bloggy friendships, readership, and overall creativity. Let me tell you... Parenting two children is HARD and way more time consuming than I imagined. And it's totally amazing. Honestly, being Mommy to my girls has proved to be the most rewarding thing I've ever been blessed with and I'm proud to trade in my sequins for leggings for a while.
All of that said, I've missed blogging, sharing a little slice of life with you, and documenting some of the precious moments for our family. I may not dress to impress, but I live a happy life with plenty of things to be proud of and share. So, I'm coming back! Things are going to look a little different around here as far as content goes. I have... A PLAN. That hasn't happened for me in a while! I hope to post regularly and become active in the blogging community, again. I miss you all! Most of all, I hope to make new friends who are in the realm of mommy-blogging, and are proud to share their disorganized, imperfect, but amazing lives with me, too! I have a schedule announcement post coming on Saturday that will clue everyone in as to what my weeks will look like around here. I hope you'll like what I'm working on!
And just to tide you over until then... Here's what things are looking like, lately!

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  1. Welcome back to blogging. Can't wait to see what you post.


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