Monday, February 4, 2013

Something I Wore: Momiform

Sorry for my week-long, unintended hiatus last week. We're sleep training Norah and Sadie was such a great sleeper from the beginning and, well, Norah is the opposite. Sadie also didn't nurse. I have my own theories about that, four years later. But with her, I pumped for 12 months. Dedication, I tell ya. Norah is pretty much attached to me from the time she starts getting drowsy until she's passed out. And if I pull her away any earlier, she screams. The second I lay her down in the crib, she screams. I don't mean tired whimpering or even normal, fussy crying. I mean SCREAMING. I'm not built for that business. Cannot do "Cry it Out." I don't think it's mean or anything. And if it works for your family, that's perfect. Lucky you. My nerves don't go there.
Another thing my nerves don't do is get dressed in the morning. You know, because I'm up with ze small one all night. Sleep training is not restful for parents. That said, this is how I DO get dressed. I have 2-3 of these lumberjackie looking deals that are super warm and comfortable. They each get worn at least once a week with which ever pair of jeans is closest to arm's reach while I'm readying two small children. Voila. I'm dressed. I guess this is sort of a confession of sorts, huh?
Forgive me.
 shirt & jeans: Old Navy, shoes: Toms, necklace: heirloom, smile: fake (because I'm really sleeping)
Oh, all of the unflattery... This shirt does NOTHING for my curves. But, like I said, it sure is warm and cozy. Happy Monday to you all! Hopefully you got your pick-me-up this morning. I waited in line at Starbucks for my skinny vanilla latte until the little one decided she just wasn't having it anymore. I left after waiting for too long and I was empty-handed. All I've got at home is decaf. Yay.

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