Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Girls

These little muffins are hard work. But I love them so, so much. They make my reason for being on this earth so apparent. Norah is sleep training right now, which if you've ever had to do it with your kids, you know it's hell and you know I'm exhausted. Thank goodness for coffee from E on my doorstep last night. The decaf isn't gonna get me through this business.
Apparently the decaf isn't working for her, either...
Diapers, diapers, diapers... Last night, amidst the sleep training madness, soothing, crying, soothing, nursing, rocking, singing, rocking... I forgot I had to do diaper laundry. At 11pm, I remembered we had no clean diapers left. This was my pile of work at 2am. 
And Sadie girl... Oh, Sadie. Pearls to school, today. And dogs in the car, clearly. She has a different buddy in the car every morning, but poodle (to her left, your right) is consistent.
Happy Tuesday!

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