Friday, June 7, 2013


I posted this picture on facebook on Sunday...
which prompted a friend to ask me for a full-dress photo. Thus was born an impromptu, quick outfit of the day photo in front of my husband's work place, con iPhone. Excuse my lack of posage. I really just wanted my friend to see the print on my dress. My underarm chunk could really have used some camo, but you win some, you lose some. I'm just shocked that I showered before church.
dress: can't remember brand right now- got it at Ross (like it? I love it...)
shoes: fergilicious
sunnies: New York & Company

We're going on a week-long vacation from Saturday to Saturday. Then, when we return, Beans is gonna be ONE! She turns one on the 17th and I can't believe it. Our year has flown by and my wittle bebe is gonna get big and be a toddler. SAY WHAT? So, I'll take lots of pictures while we're away so I have something to share when we get back. I'm scheduling some posts for y'all to read while I'm away! Well, I'm scheduling some photo updates, anyway.

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