Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Appearance and the Safe Zone

I've got to give it to Sadie. Her iPhone photography skills are fairly impressive- better than the non-photo I would have come away with had I not asked her to snap my outfit, right? I had no warning, whatsoever, as to when she was going to capture a moment, so here's what we've got:
 dress: Target, shoes: Cabrizi (Shoe Department), earrings: Target
There's no fun story behind why I wore this dress. We had to get some things at the grocery store on Monday and the girls both looked adorable, so I couldn't walk out of the house in my yoga pants and bleach stained tank-top because, well, I'd look like I kidnapped them and no one would think that was cool. Sadie really appreciates when I put a dress and some make-up on, so even on the laziest of days, I try really hard to make some sort of an effort so she knows I take pride in my appearance. I also need to work on taking pride in what I put on the radio during our errands... Girlfriend listens to every.single.lyric. This week, I've gotten, "Mommy, what is 'sexy?'" and, "Did he just say a bad word?" --in reference to Justin Timberlake's "Take Back the Night." Thank goodness she was asking about the lyric, "shut us down," and not, "I'll be damned." Yeah... back to our Christian radio station! That's my praise-worthy, family-friendly, spirit-lifting safe zone. 

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