Monday, August 19, 2013

What's More Fun than Making Old New? {FundayMonday Link-Up}

It's Monday! For a few more minutes, anyway. I'm linking up with Still Being Molly and Lipgloss & Crayons for FundayMonday and I thought that what I did for the girls brought all sorts of fun to Monday! Our week and weekend days sort of run together since I stay home and hubs works 7 days/week. We don't really get cases of the Mondays around here, but today? Today was different. Norah was sick last week into the weekend with roseola and poor Sadie had cabin fever like mad. I mean, y'all, she was mad and driving me mad. All sorts of madness. So, when Norah woke up feeling all better, I put my foot in my mouth by saying we could go swimming. Hah. Did it rain all day? Yes, it did.
So, what does one do with two children who are literally climbing the walls after being cooped up for 7 days straight? 
One goes to the attic. The attic is like Christmas. I'm not kidding- there's a lot of Christmas stuff in the attic. But there are also gazillions of old (to Sadie) toys that brought SO much joy and excitement to the girls today! I found a princess ride-on car, the Little People amusement park, and the activity table! Say what??? I mean, I'd been stashing all of this super extra Funday stuff up in the attic for like three years and just now remembered to bring it down? For real, we almost missed the wagon on these classics! Norah wouldn't have been too excited about that activity table or ride-on if she was a year older! 
Have you been up in your attic (or down in your basement) recently? GO!
Fisher Price Little People amusement park
Fisher Price activity table and Little People princess ride-on car
 We had loads and hours of fun with these three items and I look forward to the girls waking up to them in the morning. I totally forgot we had these gems (go Fisher Price!) and feel blessed that we have toys coming out of our ears so that I can start rotating some back into the attic!
While the girls were playing, I did one of my new favorite things- make quick pickles!!! I can't stop and don't plan to buy pickles from the grocery store unless it's a dire emergency. Ever. Again. Homemade is the way to go, so easy, and so delicious! My quick pickle recipe has been perfected, so now, I'm going to venture into canning so I can stock up for the winter. Can't let all of the summer's beautiful veggies go to waste!
I hope y'all are having a great week, so far! We are looking forward to getting out of the house and hopefully enjoying the pool a few more times before it closes! Check out the FundayMonday link-up by clicking the button below!
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