Monday, August 12, 2013

Five Minute Face {FundayMonday Link-Up}

I'm going to try really hard to do the FundayMonday link-up with Still Being Molly and LipGloss & Crayons on Mondays! I love finding new blogs and I love how this link-up allows for ANY type of post. No pressure. Amen? Amen. That said, I've been meaning to share my (very quick and easy-peasy) make-up routine for a while. Let's be honest, I don't have time to go all out, nor do I have the finances to haul in a bunch of MAC products, but I do like to leave my house with some effort and dignity. Here's what I do:
It's important for me to have products and tools that I can get double use out of. For instance, I use my blush as a highlighter, too. And Garnier's BB Cream is like a miracle in a bottle. I use the one for oily skin, so it sops up any excess oil while lightly moisturizing, correcting my many sun spots, and also includes SPF. I use my concealer for scarring, dark spots, pimples, under eye circles, and as an eyeshadow base. My flat shadow brush is used for all over lid color and lining my bottom lid and my crease brush is used for the crease, inner corner, and highlight. I use my medium Bare Minerals foundation brush for my mineral veil and blush. When you double up on your tools, you have to be really careful to keep them clean. I wash mine weekly in baby soap and let them air dry on a towel.
 Before and after - no lie, five minutes or less. Because...
Ain't nobody got time fo dat.
I use three colors on my lids, but they're all shades of champagne. I like to have a little color and minimal shimmer, but my everyday eye isn't for making a statement. I just strive to look moderately awake. If you're interested in any of the products I use or how I use them, feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email at

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