Monday, November 25, 2013

Bow-verboard {Funday Monday Link-Up}

Bow-vereboard. Hah. See how I did that? Okay, enough of me. How about my bows? I've gotten a bit obsessed with making them and now, well, I have a stock. I was planning to make them for custom orders, but I got carried away and Holiday (and miscellaneous) Bowstravaganza 2013 has taken over my crafting space (ahem, dining room). I started by making a few for Sadie because the cheapies that I bought were ragged. Then, my MIL asked if I'd send some to a craft show with her. Those were lame ones that didn't sell. Discouraged, I decided to get creative. Here's what's in stock right now. If you have a little girl and are interested in Christmas bows or really anything, please let me know! I will continue working through my blog email and using Paypal for invoicing and mailing. I'd love to be your bow supplier!
Some close-ups:
To order, please email me at alittlebitofthisblog{at}gmail{dot}com. You can place an order from this stock (I can make duplicates) or place custom orders. In your email, please specify:
- Size: 3", 4", 5"
- Center style: Knotted boutique (like light pink in last photo), Simple ribbon (like hot pink polka dots with white center), fancy (like hot pink with green center - specify two ribbon colors), or embellished (specify embellishment)
- Clip: French barrett or alligator clip

Thanks so much! Hope you enjoyed checking my bows out as much as I love making them!
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