Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sugarplum Fairy

Let's be honest. My kid is made of rainbows and fairytales. 
And mulch, sand, dirt, and attitude.
But, back to the rainbows and fairytales... Sadie is so girly and adores choosing her own clothes. On Friday, I said, "It's going to be nice outside! You can choose a long sleeved dress. You don't need tights or leggings." She came back with this dress, white ditsy print Mary Janes and this polka dotted bow. I was so pleased with her pattern mixing and would've let her keep the whole ensemble, but the shoes were too big and would've caused chaos on the playground. When I asked her to take my outfit photo (yep, she's my photographer!), she said, "Okay, but me, first." Sure thing, Sugarplum. Sure thing.
I also do not, in any way, prompt her poses. She's a style blogger in the making, I tell you.
 dress: gifted, shoes: Target, bow: local artist
And, for my own record, if I hadn't told you she's also made of those other things, wouldn't you just think, by looking at these pictures, that she really was just a sweet, innocent little flower child? Mmm. LOVE. This. KID.

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