Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Teachy Tunic

All I want for Christmas is to go shopping for teacher clothes. And no, I don't mean pencil skirts, cardigans, chinos, dress pants, and button-ups. I mean comfy, casual, easy to move in, easy to get up and down in, easy to dust, mop, and clean bathrooms in, easy to change diapers in, and easy to look cute in clothes. Like this tunic, for instance, which is not done any justice when I have my hands in its big ol' pockets. It can be worn with a belt, with skinny jeans, with leggings, with scarves, with chunky necklaces, with wide legs, with flats, with boots, layered under a vest, over a long sleeved shirt. For real, y'all, if I just had one of these in every color, I'd probably be set. Not the most interesting outfit for my first time wearing my lovely tunic, but I promise to do more! More, more, more!!!
And, yes, I just realized the knot in my scarf is all wonky doodle over my shoulder. Cute, scarf. Reeeaaally cute.
 tunic: Iridium, scarf & leggings: Old Navy, jellies: c/o Happy Scarf
What style of an item (cardigan, tank, tunic, LBD, trouser jeans, etc) would you wear every single day, if you could?

I hope everyone has a really nice Thanksgiving! We are heading to Virginia to be with Hubs' family for the holiday. Have a safe, happy holiday and don't get too stuffed!

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