Saturday, November 30, 2013

More is Better... This Time

It has been so chilly and wonderful in eastern NC! I love it. I waited for the crisp weather and toasty fire for so long, and although I know it won't last for too many months, I'm going to thoroughly enjoy it while I can. I'm a cold weather girl! I love the layers, the hot chocolate and cider, my fireplace, Christmas music, snuggles and movies... I love it all. And if clothes are one of my favorite things, the more I get to wear at a time, the better.
 tribal poncho: Karlie, tunic: Chalet, jeans: Charlotte Russe, boots: Soda, scarf: self made

Sadie is becoming quite the little blogtographer. Mad props to the preschooler in the house. She does a heck of a lot better with my phone than I do with the timer on my digital camera. If you have kids, tell me one thing that they do way better than you. Mine do lots of things better than me (like give grace and forgiveness in an instant). But today, I'll use the fact that Sadie is a way better photographer than I am. Go, girl. 

And tell me what you're enjoying about the holiday season!!! I'm so psyched!

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