Tuesday, November 12, 2013


There's a first time for everything. First hair cut, first loose tooth, first bike ride... I'm 29 years old and this tunic is my first snakeskin print. Want to know another fun fact? I had a mauve one in my hand and Sadie said, "I like that one better," pointing at the snakeskin. Unsure of how I could pull it off and how it'd be work appropriate, I reluctantly threw it in the car (with the mauve one, just in case I lost my guts). I loved styling it up with skinnies, boots, and layering a long sleeved top underneath. You all know I'm big on layering, especially because I teach preschool and need to always be comfortable, appropriate, and set a good example. I'd love some ideas on other ways to style this cute tunic because I love it, but it's still a bit out of my comfort zone!
 tunic: Target, jeans: Charlotte Russe, tee and boots: Old Navy
Do you step out of your comfort zone with clothing prints and styles? And if/when you do, do you have trouble styling those pieces? I'm worried that I'll only be able to wear this tunic one way!

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