Monday, November 11, 2013

Blue Zebra

Sometimes every single photo I get out of a shoot looks like a still from The Wonder Years. What can ya do? Instead of tossing the whole lot, I decided to embrace the auto 70s vibe. This dress has been in my closet for at least five years. I bought it off the clearance rack in Target and have been wearing it year-round ever since. I love how it lends itself to black sandals in the summer, leggings and a long sleeved tee in the fall, a chunky cardigan with tights and boots in the winter, and a short sleeved tee over or under in the spring. Sure, the fabric is a bit faded and the print is a little confusing (leaves, zebra? I have no idea.), but this dress is definitely here to stay and I look forward to remixing it when the weather is even cooler.
dress/leggings/flats: Target, tee: Old Navy, belt: New York & Company
I've been stomping around in these aged commuter flats from Target for so long! They're the only black flats I have and I grabbed a pair of pointed toe black flats last week, but... they have to be returned. I tried on the left shoe, which was a size 7. When I got home, the right shoe was a size 6! They weren't boxed, but were strung together and tagged together. So frustrating. 

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