Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Littles Have a Paint Party

Rarely will I show you photos of our house before I've cleaned. I mean, c'mon, I clean for guests and technically, I'm inviting you in. However, this little impromptu paint party was just too cute to miss and sometimes, the mess can wait. Sadie was teaching Norah how to use water color paints, and while Norah ate quite a bit of it, some of it ended up on her little paper. I'm so proud of my little artists and how much they love spending time together!
Hubs and I are both artistic. Well, he's artistic. I'm crafty. It warms our hearts, so much, to see our girls embracing art and working with their hands. They sat here for at least 30 minutes, talking about colors and paintbrushes. I wish I'd have caught a photo of Sadie standing over Norah's tray, helping her put the brush from the water, to the paint, to the paper. It was so adorable that my heart just about exploded.

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