Tuesday, May 17, 2011

100% Cotton

The first thing my boss (err... the mom?) said to me when I walked in this morning was, "That's a really pretty dress, but you might regret wearing it!" I looked down and immediately thought, "Ah, yes, the wretched white." But I'm a firm believer that 100% cotton (no blend) + a little bit of OxiClean can be magical. Stain on my dress? Shame on me. No big deal because this is my life now, right?
And what a wonderful life, it is!

I had the morning with Baby Girl (BG), yesterday, and met the boys this morning. Boy 2 and Boy 4 will be the names for all intensive and privacy purposes. They were a bit shy at first... and by "at first," I mean the first 8 seconds I was in the house. Their mom took them to school and I spent the morning with BG, again. We played, I made a delicious (ahem, blech) mush concoction, we sang and danced, we practiced almost crawling, talked about colors and numbers, she took a nap and a half, I got some things done around the house, and then the boys came home at 1:00. I was nervous. I'm not going to lie. I've been quite literally prepared for holy terrors. I think it's standard procedure to prepare a nanny/caregiver/babysitter for the worst, though, right? Because sure, the boys were boys, but MAN I want one, now! They are so much fun. Boy 2 reminds me so much of Little S. because they're really communicating at a similar level right now. They're interested in the same sorts of things and their attention span is about identical. Boy 4 is very helpful and sweet. He's definitely a cheerleader for his younger siblings. It was a crazy and loud afternoon and I'm exhausted. And it feels great. I'm so thankful for this opportunity and really can't wait for Little S. to join us in a week and a half! So, what's the dress in question, you ask?

dress: SONOMA, Kohl's
cardigan: Express
sandals (which don't really count because I don't wear shoes in the house): Cabrizi

I learned on my first day to keep jewelry to a minimum (ie: studs in the ears, only) and my hair pulled back. BG really likes to put everything in her mouth right now! Plus, a woman can work up a serious sweat when she's not sitting at a desk all day (HALLELUJAH!).

I have to thank you all for your immense amounts of support on the blog and on twitter the past few weeks. You've been really awesome about my changing jobs and having to swap a bit of style for comfort with my new gig. I'm so happy and feel so rewarded at the end of my day (and all day long!), so I know this was the right move. I hope to take some time this weekend to catch up on blog reading, because I'm spending my late evenings after Little S. goes to bed working on online personal style portfolios. So, if you're waiting on one, thanks for your patience! It's coming soon.
Lesson learned: One portfolio client at a time. Not five. 
Ahem, anyone interested in a personal styling "sesh" with me?
email: kimberly.s.parham{at}gmail{dot}com

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