Monday, May 16, 2011

Nanny Style Contest Winner!

Thank you all for participating in the Nanny Style Contest, whether you submitted an outfit set or helped choose the winner! The winning outfit was #3, submitted by Marie-Eve of A Pretty Nest!

Here is the outfit she submitted:

I own this LC top already, so that's great. And as far as the shoes go, I tried them on at Old Navy over the weekend and as cute as they are in the photo, they look like old lady shoes on my feet. No can do, but I'll find something suitable. I decided to go with jeans and a polka dot tee for my first day and I've learned my lesson, already: photos must come BEFORE work. I'm disheveled, but happy! Teeny tiny baby S was a gem and I get to have all three of the S kids, tomorrow. Their mom warned me that today was as easy as it gets and tomorrow might be a nightmare. I'm up for it. I felt guilty leaving, today, because it was like I didn't do anything. Feed and play with a baby for only four hours? Um, yes, please! Tomorrow is 9 hours and I have baby in the morning and all three kids in the afternoon. I have a pair of navy chinos that I hardly wear (because they look too much like jeans), so I think I might just crop them to these walking shorts' length and find a good, strong, sturdy bracelet. Shoes are the big mission. I'm thinking my navy and light blue polka dotted flats in place of the shoes in Marie-Eve's set. As much as I prayed they'd be perfect, they just looked awful on me!

Congratulations Marie-Eve! Please email me at kimberly.s.parham(at)gmail(dot)com to tell me where you'd like your $25 gift card from and for your address!

Thanks, again, to all who submitted. :)
Back with an outfit in the morning!

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