Thursday, June 9, 2011

I Haven't Been Fair

What day is it?

I think so...

That's pretty much how I've felt over the past few weeks. Although my job is probably no longer considered "new," I feel like I'm still transitioning. It's been almost a month. Little S. just started joining me a week and a half ago, so it's like I'm completely relearning it all. She's out of her regular routine, hates napping on command (that's normal), and is finally getting over her jealousy. Phew.

Now, here's the thing. 
I was dressing all cute and being "Fashion Nanny," mostly for the blog. I didn't want to stop writing and I didn't want to leave all of my amazing blog friends behind. And I STILL don't. But the cold hard truth of the matter is that I no longer wear dresses and skirts to work. I've fallen victim to the yoga pants, tank tops, and sports bras. BUT... rest assured that it's not me being lazy. It's quite the alternative, actually. I usually only have the two girls each morning and I've been taking them on a nice, long double stroller walk. Baby S. usually takes her nap during that 45 minute jaunt. Little S. naps or not... but she enjoys the ride. And me? I sweat my ass off, get my clothes soaked, and get back to the house looking like a beet. I fit my sweat sesh right into my regular day's work and I have to be comfortable. Such a schedule has allowed me to get a really nice, fast-paced walk done early in my day so I'm not stressing out about exercising when I get home. That's family time and time to go to the pool and cook (a healthy and delicious) dinner. 

I AM, however, getting a treadmill this month. I'm SO EXCITED.

So, basically... what I'm saying is that my blog is going to be getting a bit of an overhaul as far as what posts look and feel like. I'll still do outfit posts from my weekend attire, because I definitely use that time to wear my pretty dresses and fun shoes and let my hair down. I'll use week days to share weekends with you, because I don't blog on weekends (except the usually regular Intense Adoration posts that I try to pre-write). Other than outfits, I plan to share bits of my family and being a mom. And of course, I will continue with my biggest concentration: Project Self. That's really what all of these changes are revolving around, anyway, right?

Today, I'm going to share a bit of the previous weekend. I joined my best friend, Jen, for the NKOTBSB (New Kids on the Block/Backstreet Boys) concert. Holy AHHHHH.
All I have to say is, "DONNIE WAHLBERG."
I die. I JUST die.
We stayed with Jen and her fiance, Jim, for the weekend (respectively Aunt Jenny and Uncle Jim) and had such a wonderful time. These photos will take you through a bit of our adventure.

Me and Jen... about to die of excitement at NKOTBSB.

Saturday, we visited Jen's parents. They LOVE Little S. and they've been a second family to me for almost 14 years, now. Good times in this house- and the fun didn't end with us! Little S. had a wonderful time practicing summersaults that Aunt Jenny taught her that morning, looking at all of the flowers and bird feeders outside.

 Aunt Jenny helping Little S. prep for a summersault.

Little S. and Aunt Jenny look at a bird house. 

And against my better judgement, I joined them in the bug infested trees.
Gnats are not my friend.

Little S. makes climbing the hill from the side yard to the driveway easy.
It was not.

Saturday night, we went to Herndon Festival. It's the first weekend in June every year, and this was the 31st year! I think I've only missed the few that I've been in NC for. I'm so glad we could go. It was insanely packed, though. So the main goal for the girls was to get Little S. on the ferris wheel, eat, and watch fireworks. For the boys, the goal was to drink beer, eat, and watch fireworks.
All missions accomplished.

After a 45 minute wait, the ride was worth it!

Little S. was in no way interested to eat the chicken I got for her. 
Aunt Jenny's corn dog, though?

 I'm telling you, that thing didn't stand a chance!

Little S. on Daddy's shoulders, watching the fireworks!

Walking back to our car from the shuttle, snuggling Uncle Jim!

Me, Little S., Hubs.
Aren't we such a cute little family?

So... thanks for reading! Thanks for being patient with me through these changes.
I hope you stick around to see what the outcome will be!
Be sure to stop by for tomorrow's Project Self post. I'm nervous!

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