Sunday, July 3, 2011

Crisp & Classic

I've been so envious, lately, of the skinny minnies wearing skin tight jeans and crisp white blouses. Ashley Hebert (the Bachelorette) does it all.the.time. And now, a few of my favorite bloggers are in, too. Check out Leslie's take on the trend. Isabel's done it recently, too! While I'm not far enough into my weightloss venture to try tucking a top into skinny jeans, I did recreate the look with my straight leg denim from Gap.

jeans: Gap
blouse: H&M
belt: Old Navy
shoes: Target
watch: NY & Co.
necklace: Christmas gift from Hubs (Zales)

Perhaps my clothes are still a bit ill-fitting, but I'm not going to moan about it. I was able to button these pants for the first time in a year and I took it and ran. And the top? I bought it last year when we went to Boston and the tags were still on it this morning. I couldn't pull it over my boobs 'til now, and although it's snug, once again, I ran with it.

To the dingbat who said I need a hair makeover, well... fine, I'll give that to you. HOWEVER, that was not a critique of the blog, so, yeah.

I hope everyone's having a really nice holiday weekend (if it's a holiday for you)! Be safe and don't drink... more than you can handle. I'm off for three weeks, now, and have TONS of stuff I need to catch up on. For instance, I'll have to get a big ol' prize package together! Today's the last day to enter my ginormously humongous 400 Follower Giveaway, and I'll be announcing the winner, tomorrow!

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