Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July Sponsor Love

Anika Burke Eclectic Boutique is Fashion Momma's newest sponsor! I've been checking out their shop and facebook page for updates since I first heard about them and have stayed intrigued. I received a gorgeous cameo ring as part of a prize from a blog that I read and knew that Anika Burke was a great style match for me! With affordable prices and plenty of items to choose from, most anyone can find something they love! 

I've been in love with the All Twisted Up Tank and Bohemian Rhapsody skirt for weeks! I think they'd look great separate and even better together!

I asked Anika (Neeka), the shop owner, to share some of her favorites with us and here's what she said:

#1 favorite item: Anchors Away-
I have this skirt and it is just amazing!

#2 favorite item: Broadway Beauty-
This item is not at just yet but can be found at My SOF Boutique. I do not have this because they have been selling really fast. I doubt I will get one because we have two week rule; an item must be listed on for two weeks before it can find its way to my closet. My parents made this rule for me at their shop when I was in Jr. High and I have just stuck with it.  

I LOVE Neeka's 2 week shop rule! She stays fair to her customers, although she's a self-proclaimed clothing hoarder. (Aren't we all?)

#3 favorite item: Strappy Bootie Sandal-I got these this fall and thought, "Why did I buy these?"  then the sun came out in late May and I have worn them twice a week since then!  I think these are now my favorite shoes!

#4 favorite item: Bluetiful Bows Flats-
These are my most worn shoes.  I wear them with anything that I would wear denim with.  If we had my size still, I would buy a second pair because I am going to be very sad when mine wear out!

#5 favorite item: Mystery Packs-
This is my favorite item to sell!  It is so much fun to pull mystery packs. I love buying gifts and even though I don't know the people buying these packs I feel like I get to go shopping every time someone orders one!

To learn a little bit more about Anika Burke Eclectic Boutique, check out the About Us page on their site! I loved finding out that Neeka is a busy mother of two children who is pursuing her dream... again! Thank you so much to the Anika Burke team for taking a chance on hanging out with me!

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