Friday, July 1, 2011

Project Self: Glisten

And if you're from the south, I know that's probably exactly what you do. But I'm from above the Mason Dixon line and up there, we SWEAT our butts off. I used to hear that little ol' saying, "Girls don't sweat. We glisten." in high school and it was always such a crock to me. If I step foot outside in the summer time, I have beads of moisture falling down the sides of my face, down my back, and all over my chest. While at work today, Boy 4 said, "Miss Kim, why is your neck sweaty?" Umm... good question. Perhaps it's the 98 degree temperature + 100 million per cent humidity? Or maybe it's just my nature.

Funny thing about sweating is that I used to literally be afraid to sweat. I'm not that prissy, first of all. And my years of cheerleading should have broken me of hating sweat with a passion. But it was just a few weeks ago, when I took a run at my parents' house, that my brother said to me, "Kim! Holy (insert bad word). You're sweating. And you're not freaking out. It's a revelation." The sad thing is that he's totally right. It took me 27 years to get to this point and now I can't wait to sweat. When I get a good workout in, I know I'm going to come home sopping like I just sat in a 150 degree sauna for two hours, fully clothed. But I don't care... because there's a shower at home.

Are you afraid to sweat? I'd say get over it if you are, because if you're going to burn calories and make a huge difference in your fat to muscle mass, you're going to have to get wet. It's not gonna be pretty, but let me tell you something: IT FEELS GOOD.

Last night, I finished another round of the c25k program and it's the first time I didn't cheat at all! When it was time to run, I ran the whole time! In the past, I've had to take a few breaks and do a fast paced walk when it was run time, but not last night! I was so proud and mostly because I was dragging Zoe, which NEVER happens! She's completely wiped out, by the way. Yes, still. Forgive the night shot because I know the quality is less than superior, but I had to show you my SWEAT (not to mention my tomato face)!

See? I wasn't lying. Not pretty.

YAY! 0:00 time left on last night's workout. WOO!

Friends, I'm taking this so seriously and I hope you know it! I truly feel a passion for getting healthy for the first time in my life. Last weekend, I put on a pair of Gap jeans that I've had to rig for the past year (rubber band, anyone?). Guess what. NO PROBLEMO! They fit perfectly and I wore them out to dinner with Husband and Little S. I still can't tell a difference when I look in the mirror, but I sure do feel like I have tons more energy, look and feel better in some older clothes that I haven't been able to wear in a while, and I find myself always grabbing healthy foods. Well, that last one is because I raided our entire refrigerator and pantry and rid our house of all red light foods, according to the G.I. Diet. Not having crap around really makes it easy to make healthy decisions. And I'm sorry, cheetos do not taste nearly as good as a honey crisp apple dipped in all natural peanut butter. They just don't.

And every day, I have a constant reminder of how precious life is. She'll never let me forget that it's my responsibility to be here and see her kids grow up. The other night, I was cooking whole grain pasta with  an olive oil, garlic, and fresh basil sauce. Little S. decided she wanted to cook, too, so I gave her a few pieces of pasta and garlic clove. Five seconds later...
I hope I'm fostering good choices for this little one!

0.4 down
70.8 to go.
I was really hoping for a pedicure, but I definitely know why my loss was small. At least it was a loss, right? I suppose exercising to an aerobic heart rate only twice all week and eating Chinese food the night before weigh-in weren't my best ideas!

Have YOU "glistened" this week?
Have you entered my awesome giveaway (that will have at least one prize that helps the glistening to happen)?

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