Saturday, August 13, 2011

Shopping is My Drug

Guess what? My name is Kimberly and I'm addicted to shopping.
Hello, Kimberly.

No, seriously, my friends I have a problem. I've been to Old Navy three times in the last week and a half and I won't tell you how much I've spent. And on Tuesday night, I had a wonderful experience shopping at Greenville's new maurices in the mall! More on that- including lots of exciting news, later. Let's just say I have a lot more clothes than necessary for wearing during my off-work time. And if I hear you tell my husband that, we aren't friends anymore. The last thing he needs to hear is that I have too many clothes that I probably won't get the chance to wear more than once every other month. (Hey, babe.)

Needless to say, when we go shopping, we like to look pretty and feel good about ourselves, right? Who wants to go try on clothes when they feel like a schlup? NOT me. So, I came home at 5:20, hopped in the shower, shaved my legs, dried and straightened (yes, again) my hair, did my make-up, and put on one of my new favorite outfits (note: only the top is actually *new*). And man, I must have felt good in this outfit, because I set myself up for some serious spending damage! And for the record, maurices provided me with the perfect pair of new jeans. And they are capris. Except not on me! HAH!

cami: Old Navy
blouse: Old Navy
jeans: Charlotte Russe
shoes: Lower East Side
necklace: Old Navy

Ooo, I may or may not have (definitely did) gotten the best little black skirt that would look absolutely fab with this top. I love scheming outfits in my head. But I'm still thinking wavy/curly hair might be more becoming. Or not... 

I'm DEFINITELY going to have to do that side-by-side photo thing to get your opinion. I'm lost without you!
** Photos of my new guest bathroom will be up tonight, so come back!

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