Thursday, September 29, 2011

Guest Post: The Frugalista Diaries

Good morning, friends! It's hubby's and my 5th anniversary week (actual day- Friday) and I've lined up some lovely guest posters to handle the week while I pack and get out of town! Today's featured blogger is Megan of The Frugalista Diaries and she's here to talk to you a little about the five minute face that most of us busy mommies have to embrace!

The Frugalista Diaries 5 Minute Make Up Routine

I spend enough time standing in my closet, racking my brain on what to wear, so my make up routine needs to be quick, simple, and of course, put together- not resembling that of a clown. I wish I had all the time in the world to sit around in front of the mirror putting make up on, but since becoming a mom of two, 2 and under, it gives me about oh, say 5 minutes.

1. I start with a fresh face. I normally don't wash my face in the morning, so I just throw on a nice amount of moisturizer which serves as my 'primer' so make up just glides on. Then I sponge on a little compact make up in my troublesome areas or wherever redness occurs.

2. Next, I dab some concealer under my eyes and blend. If I'm fighting a pimple, I dabe and blend on that as well.

3. After the concealer dries, I sweep my cheekbones and temples with a little bronzer.

4. Eyes usually follow and I tend to go with the winged eyes. I slowly line my top lid and add a little wing at the end to 'open up my eyes.'

5. Add mascara to the top lashes- I rarely do bottom lash mascara because it's been known to age and enhance dark under eye circles.

6. Then I sweep my entire face with a mineral make up to set the rest.

7. I'm a fan of bold lips, so I often throw on a little color, such as this bold pink.

8. And, Voila!

A big thanks to my IRL girlfriend, Megan, from The Frugalista Diaries! She's beautiful without make up but I'm so glad she could share her five minute face with us, because I still don't have it down! And... crap. I use mascara all over the place. Probably including my under eye circles. Oopsie! Head over and visit Megan to see gorgeous outfits of the day, splurge vs. steal posts, and lots of coupon and discount codes! You might even get lucky enough to catch a glimpse of her sweet little ones every once in a while!
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