Friday, September 30, 2011

We've Been Married for 5 Years!

... and I just happen to think it's a huge deal and we're hot stuff! Five years is a longish time, right? It's at least the first benchmark. And at this very moment, as you take a look at our time together over the past 8ish or so years, we're here. Feel free to take a virtual tour of my humble abode, but don't look at the hot tub for too long because a) you might get jealous or b) you ... probably don't wanna know.

Girlfriend just went there.
Before I share the awesomeness that is Husband and me, I just want to say a few things to him. So hey, babe... I, uh...

I still get butterflies when you say you love me. And when you tell me I'm beautiful without makeup on, I want to go wipe my mascara off and be the kind of beautiful that you fell in love with me for. I'm so glad you still laugh at my jokes and listen to me sing. And thanks for humoring me and taking my outfit photos while we're rushing out the door for church or when I have a crazy idea to take a week's worth of photos on a Saturday afternoon. Thanks for letting me drive the brand-spanking new orange Camaro that we rented for this trip right after we picked it up from the airport. Especially thanks for letting me drive it alone. I felt so cool in the grocery store parking lot. Big dudes were jealous of me. I love you so much for putting up with my neurotic behavior, day in and day out. I appreciate that you do the dishes right after dinner (sometimes) so that I don't have to say anything at all. And I love your motivation to clean the cars on a whim - even when it's dark outside and past 11:00 p.m. You have no idea how teary eyed I got while putting this photo montage together. We've been through it, for sure. And I know we have lots more ups and downs to go, but there's no one I'd rather take this ride with than you. Thank you for helping me make the most beautiful little girl in the entire world and being such a wonderful Daddy. I love how you two run around the house having tickle fights on Saturday mornings. I still think it's so funny that you have to ask me what to feed her for breakfast and that you don't feel comfortable picking out her outfits. In the back of my mind, I know it's because you're afraid you won't dress her in a way that I would think is "fashionable." I'm so excited for our next endeavor that is me being able to stay home and raise Little S. and hopefully we'll be able to add to our family within the next few years. We make cute kids... just sayin'. Thank you for these last 8 years together, 5 years of marriage, and I'm looking forward to spending the rest of my life and beyond with you.

Your Kimberly

September 2003 - Husband's 20th birthday party at Virginia Tech

December 2005 - Newly engaged at the Sigma Alpha Iota holiday formal

September 2006 - First dance as husband and wife

All three above:
September 30, 2006 - Five years ago, today

(photo is a small facebook profile picture, so I can't blow up any bigger)
April 2007 - Outside of our first apartment together

June 2007 - Friend's wedding

 January 2008 - The day we bought our first home

October 2008 - 6.5 months pregnant

November 2008 - Baby shower 

March 2009 - Smunchkin -aka- Little S at 7 weeks old

March 2009 - Jackie and Christina visit Little S. for the first time
photo by Jackie Ranson

April 2009 - Little S' first Easter

October 2009 - Family Photo Session at Jackie's house

November 2009 - Visiting the Swans and Aunt Whitney's house warming

January 2010 - Smunchkin turns one!

June 2011 - Visiting Aunt Jenny & Uncle Jim, first Herndon Festival
Also, Aunt Jenny teaches Little S. how to do a forward roll!

July 2011 - Brent & Kathleen's wedding
Best man, bridesmaid, flower girl

So many memories made. 
So many more to make.
I'll hold your hand forever, babe.

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