Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Anniversary Trip: Day 1

Oh, hey! I haven't posted in forever! Well, it feels like that, but I did post a Trendy Tots Tuesday yesterday. And I have to give you a fair warning: The next week or so of posts are going to be chock full of photos from our trip to Gatlingburg, Tennessee. Husband and I went to celebrate our five year wedding anniversary. We stayed in a gorgeous log cabin (this one, to be exact) that was hidden away from the chaos of the little tourist town. As secluded and gorgeous (and super romantic) as it was, the windy, up and down, crazy cliff-hanger roads it took to get there had me nauseated and holding on to the car (like that would save me) for dear life EACH time we drove to town or back. Terrifying, I tell you.

So, day by day, I'll share some of the millions of photos we took. By the end of the trip recap, you'll probably want to throw up if you see one more river or mountain (or me in tennis shoes- ugh), but you should pretend you love mountains and rivers... because if you're awesome, I might just show you the BEARS we saw right in our cabin driveway!

On Wednesday, September 28, we hopped in the car to drive across the state of North Carolina and just a teeny bit over the border of Tennessee. It was about a seven and a half hour drive, but we took our time and ate yummy food on the way. Just as we crossed the state border, I had to use the facilities and all we could see on the GPS for miles were trees and water. So, I decided to rough it and use the great outdoors. Kinda glad I was brave because when we pulled off the road, we found this little gem of a spot. I have no idea what river it is or where in Tennessee we were, but it was a perfect introduction to the gorgeous weather and beautiful outdoor scenery that was in store for us.

It was pretty chilly, but I took off my sweatshirt in case I fell in. I don't have a very good track record with river rocks and trips to Gatlinburg. ie: The only other time I've been was with Husband, who was Boyfriend at the time, and his mom and brother. On the FIRST day of our trip, I slid on a river rock, ended up in the hospital, and was on crutches for the rest of the time. What this has to do with taking my sweatshirt off for water safety, I'll never know. See in the second picture how terrified I am to climb back up the big rock? I was afraid of repeat offending...

Husband got to rent a Camaro for our trip. Basically, neither of our cars are in good enough shape to make an 850 mile round trip (or climb mountains, for that matter). He decided this was the best way to go and instead of trying to argue, I just went with it. American muscle sure can wind and climb! I was pleasantly surprised. If only it wasn't a brand new car... New car smell makes me sick to my stomach.

Know what else makes me sick to my stomach? Riding on insane roads. So, on the side of a mountain, Husband pulled over and let me drive. I was much less adventurous around the twists and turns and he got to take a bunch of pictures. Much better equation. 

We got to the cabin and got settled, washed up, got dressed, and headed out for an evening on the town! I was so excited, but while going through my suitcase, I realized Husband made me only pack three pairs of shoes. Ugly flip-flops, tennis shoes, and my black heels for our anniversary dinner only. Tennis shoes are ugly and touristy. Well... that's a lie. I love my tennis shoes, but only for working out. NOT with jeans. I felt very fashion-challenged with my predicament, so decided to keep the whole look extra casual with a short-sleeved hoodie layered over a floral tank.

hoodie: Old Navy
tank: Target
jeans: Old Navy
shoes: New Balance

I hope you'll stick around to see the rest of our trip! I wish I could promise more glamour and less tennis shoes, but that would just be empty... 

Don't forget to stop by TOMORROW for the very first Old to New in October! Hopefully you've been working on your project and are ready to link up with Natasha and I!

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