Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Trendy Tots Tuesday: Double Love

As many of you know, Husband and I peaced out from Wednesday to Sunday last week on a trip to Gatlinburg, TN for our fifth wedding anniversary. It was really, really awesome... But we missed Little S. so very much! I almost made Husband stop in our town to let me go to the bathroom so I wouldn't have to go when we got home. I literally didn't want ANYTHING between me and squeezing my little girl. Thankfully, she was napping when we got home, so I got to pee and wake her up. "I missed you" snuggles are the BEST.

top: Garanimals (WalMart)
shorts: Old Navy
shoes: Baby Gap via Mell
bow: local artist

Husband says, "Smile for the camera like Mommy does." And I swear she pops these poses just like that. Darn cute. Also, I was unsure about this top for the longest time- not that it's not adorable, but the embroidery looks scratchy on the back, so I'd only been layering it over long sleeves. This "pupcake" top just happens to be one of Little S' favorite clothing items and she likes to wear ALL PURPLE with it, so I can't deny her of it during warmer months any longer! Oh wait, WHAT warmer months? Wooo!

These are just a few funsies from Sunday night before Bible and snuggle time. Husband was showing Little S. some trip pictures and she decided it would be much more fun to get her picture taken than look at one more mountain. So, here she is - first with prayer puppy and then with "Baby Bear" that mommy and daddy brought back from Tennessee. 

Kid is a total riot. All the time.
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