Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hint of Kelly

I've been hanging on to these kelly green knee highs from We Love Colors I saw them, loved them, ordered them, and received them. And then I sat, staring at them for weeks before deciding I just couldn't figure them out. All of my tights and bright socks are displayed in my closet so that I see them every day. And every day that I looked at these knee high socks, I thought, "I'm too short. The color doesn't go with anything I have. HOW do I wear these?"

Enter the dress I refashioned last week. I wanted to wear it over the weekend and since I'd already showed three ways to style it, I figured I should do something different. Different? Ohhh, it was hammer time. And by hammer time, I mean kelly green knee high sock time. You'll have to excuse the grainy photos because we didn't get home from the playground/grocery excursion until 9:00 at night and, well, it was dark. My camera doesn't do so well in the dark, I guess.

dress: F21 via Rochelle, refashioned by me
socks: c/o We Love Colors
boots: Payless

Now, I LOVE my bright green knee-highs! They're so cute and add the perfect zing to a black and white outfit. I did, however, learn that dresses aren't a good idea when you're climbing playground equipment with your two-year-old. Just some personal experience and wisdom...

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