Thursday, October 20, 2011

Old to New in October: Glitterized

Natasha of Required 2 Be Inspired and I are hosting Old to New in October. The premise of this month-long project is to take something you already own and don't love and turn it into something totally wearable, again! It saves money and helps you recycle your wardrobe while getting crafty!

What girl doesn't love a jar of glitter? I know that ever since I was a little girl, I've adored all things sparkly and although I never owned a pair, to this day, I covet the red ruby slippers you can find at Target, Walmart, etc. In fact, it took every ounce of my being not to purchase the little girls' size 5 red ruby flats at Target last week. It's not just the red, though. The whole glitter thing is gorgeous and so girly. I knew I'd have to find a pair of my ragged shoes to DIY for one of the October projects and here's my take:

I took a very sick, sad, 5-6 year old Old Navy Mary Janes:

How I did it:

1. Cut straps off shoes (you can still see the tabs in the final product)
2. Stuff shoes with newspaper
3. Cover shoes in glue
4. Dump glitter on shoes
5. Let dry
6. Mix Sparkle Mod Podge in a spray bottle with water, shake, spray shoes
7. Let dry and wear!

This was relatively simple, but very messy. There's glitter all over my front porch, despite vacuuming and using gobs of water to rinse it. Oh well, I guess if I love glitter as much as I claim, I'll be happy with a glittered porch.

You can still see some white in with the glitter and that's because I couldn't wait to take pictures. The Mod Podge is still soaking wet in the final product photos and it's night time, so there isn't enough shimmer to show! I can't wait to dump the glitter out when they're dry and wear 'em in the sunlight for an outfit post!

Remember to link your refashion to this post or to Natasha's at Required 2 Be Inspired! And don't forget about the prizes and our lovely sponsor!

Anika Burke Eclectic Boutique has graciously agreed to sponsor our entire Old to New in October project and will be providing some lovely prizes for not one, but THREE winners at the end of the month!

To qualify for any prizes, you must link your refashion project either here or at Required 2 Be Inspired on any Thursday during October. Each time you link up, it counts as one entry! The first prize winner will be chosen by Anika Burke, Natasha, and me based on the most creative and wearable project. Two other winners who have linked up throughout the month will be chosen at random! To be qualified for the random draw, you must link back to Anika Burke in your post. You can simply say, "Old to New in October is sponsored by Anika Burke Eclectic Boutique!" Or word it however you'd like, but as long as you do a project, link up, and link back to the online shop, you're in for the random draw!

- First place (most creative/wearable): $20 credit to PLUS the Elegant Rose flower bracelet and two matching accessories!
- Random draw: 12 piece prize pack (12 Anika Burke accessories!)
- Random draw: 3 piece prize pack (3 Anika Burke accessories!)

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