Saturday, October 8, 2011

Our Anniversary! Part One.

Friday, September 30, 2011 was our fifth wedding anniversary! We got up early, took a giant (120 person) tram lift called Ober Gatlinburg up the side of a mountain, stopped at the little "theme" park, then took a tiny chair lift all the way to the top of the mountain for the most beautiful view God could have surprised us with.

Check out the facial expression in the second photo. I couldn't NOT share that sexy with you. And yes, I kind of tried to climb the falling rock beside our cabin. Not the best plan, if you were wondering.

t-shirt & sweatshirt: Old Navy
jeans: Charlotte Russe
tank: Target
shoes: New Balance
watch: some little Gatlinburg leather store

2.1 miles up the mountain! By the way, I'm terrified of heights. Husband took a photo of me faking a smile, big time (third down). I tried really hard to enjoy it, but I was absolutely white with fear that one of those cables would break! The system cost the city over 5 million dollars and like sky trams are revered as the safest and most preferred form of travel in many European mountain regions. Still... There's something about 120 people (or 20,000 pounds) that just doesn't make me feel super safe on a metal cable, thousands of feet in the air.

Happy to be off the big tram and on a little chair lift up the second part of the mountain (I know... you'd think this would scare me even more).

So, the first thing I saw when we arrived at the top of the mountain was THIS poster:

Ahem, perfection, right? But in all reality, it was Heaven. I cannot possibly show you we took from the view point, but you can only imagine how gorgeous everything all around us looked with these snippets. Blue skies, green trees, low clouds... Insane.

We headed back down the chair lift and played a round of mini-golf mid-mountain. Husband beat me with a vengeance. I'm happy to say I only lost by ONE the night before, but this particular game, I was down by five. Oopsie. After our mountain excursion, we headed back to the cabin to nap and get ready for our anniversary dinner at The Melting Pot. Neither of us had ever been to one, so we were really excited. Even more exciting? Our night out was courtesy of my sweet, sweet little brother. I'll show you those photos next time, along with the bear encounter!

Don't forget to start working on your project for next week's Old to New in October!

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