Friday, October 7, 2011

Project Self: Anniversary Trip Day 2

Yep, I'm still flooding you with photos from our anniversary trip! So for those of you keeping up with Project Self, I weighed in two weeks ago and I try my hardest to do the same EVERY Friday morning! I really want to get this trip recapped, though, so I'm not fully dedicating today's post to a Project Self topic other than the weigh-in and wanting to praise the great outdoors! We walked and walked (and walked and walked) on our trip! And now that the weather (in most places) is getting bearable outside, it's a perfect time to really embrace walking, jogging, hiking, or just running around outside with your kid(s). We had an awesome time enjoying the outdoors, which isn't something we generally do. Husband and I the heat. Thankfully, the plunging temperatures are inviting us back outside to be more active!

last time I weighed: 179.8
current weight: 180.6
up: 0.8
lbs. to go: 60.6

Oops. So, I ate a ton on vacation and haven't gotten back in my groove at.all. this week. You'll have to excuse my health hiatus while I jerk my chain back into shape over this coming weekend. I hope you all are doing well and didn't decide that the bandwagon was a good place to fall off of this week!

And... onto the picture party!
And, oh, the tennis shoes.

t-shirt: Old Navy
tank: Target
I may or may not have (definitely) worn this tank yesterday...
jeans: Old Navy
bag: Old Navy
shoes: New Balance

All of these outfit photos were taken on the driveway/rocks right outside the front of our cabin. See that long road down there behind me? Bears walk right down the middle of that sucker just like they're cars. Not lying. I have proof

Obligatory Hard Rock emblem photo.
Cool fact: Hard Rock, Gatlinburg is the only Hard Rock, EVER, where you can get married! They even have on-call officiants!

Thursday, September 29 was, perhaps, our most "touristy" day. Hard Rock? Come on. But seriously, no one has hamburgers like them! I had the Red, Black, and Bleu, which was blackened with Cajun seasoning, smothered with hot sauce, and topped off with bleu cheese crumbles. Drooooooool.

After lunch, we decided to walk off the beef and hit the ginormous Ripley's Aquarium! Thank goodness it's so big. At least we got to walk for two hours straight after ingesting the biggest burgers of all time. I'm also a HUGE fan of water and water creatures, so whenever we're somewhere that boasts a fancy aquarium, it's on my to-visit list. When we went to Gatlinburg 6 years ago, we visited this same aquarium. In fact, the river bend right behind it is where I fractured my ankle! Husband and I had a great time going on our own, taking our time, reading about the animals, and really enjoying the feeding shows and all of the displays.
Baby Stingrays:


Flounder (can you see him?)

Nurse Sharks!

Enourmous Jelly

Husband and I in front of the enormous jellies!

Nautilus (cousin of octopus and squid)

After the aquarium, we headed to a little walking mall to see what it had in store. On our way back outside, I saw THIS beautiful thing. The Aqua Massage! First, I thought, "What a crock. This is such an easy way for people to pull in tourists and grab a few bucks." Then I thought, "Well, my back really does hurt..." Husband told me to go for it, so I just got 7 minutes in a machine that looks like a cross between a personal car wash and a headless tanning bed. You can learn more about this little slice of Heaven here.

Funnel cake for him, mini golf for both, and we called it a night!
Hope you're enjoying our trip! Only two more days to go! 

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