Monday, October 10, 2011

Our Anniversary! Part Two. With Bears.

Husband and I were about ready to walk out the door to go to The Melting Pot when I called my brother and heard a giant "THUMP!" It was Husband's shoes falling out of his hand. All I heard after that was, "KIM! KIMBERLY! Bear. (insert bad word) BEAR!" I ran to the top balcony to find this beautiful creature dismounting from our bear-safe trash container and walking back toward the wooded ravine, looking for something important. I didn't catch the somethings important in photo, but in video...

Please excuse the poor quality of the video below. We realized at a very inopportune time (ahem, bear encounter) that our good camera was in the car. That orange car you see about five feet from the bear. 

BABIES!!! Ah! So, we were very glad not to have paid $6 per person to see the captivated bears during Ober Gatlinburg earlier that day. We got the REAL DEAL. Like how I'm telling the cub to come on out? Like he's listening to me? And like they're worried I'm going to hurt them. Riiiight. 

Anyway, the bears came and went and our dinner reservations closely approached. My hair was only halfway curled when the wilderness chaos ensued, so I had to be quick! I really wanted to try something different since all I've done with my newly short hair is use the flat iron. Definitely pleased with the results! Then I brought out three outfits for Husband to choose from. All he said was, "I don't know. I just really like that skirt." So I told him I planned to wear it with a blazer. His reaction? "Uhh..."

blouse: H&M
blazer: Ross
skirt: c/o Maurices
shoes: Ross, gifted by Rochelle

I want to make a big note of Megan's sweet mascara advice during her 5 Minute Face guest post! She suggested not using mascara on the bottom lashes because it ages and draws attention to under eye circles. Well, I just happen to have really bad under eye circles. Thank you, paternal familia. If you're reading, I know you all hear me loud and clear! During the entire vacation, I took Megan's advice and although I can't rid myself completely of what Mother Nature's already given me, I felt much younger and more bright-eyed without the lower lash mascara! That's something I never thought I'd try because I'm such a mascara fiend! Yay for Megan and for trying new things!

Husband and I ended up having to wait at the trolley stop for quite a while before leaving for dinner, so we had a classy photo shoot.

There's only one more day left to share from our vacation! Well, one day of being in TN and one day of travel, but I'm smashing 'em together. Then we'll be back to regularly scheduled programming! 

I certainly hope you're hard at work on your project for Thursday's Old to New in October link party!
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