Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Children's Museum

When we visited my in-laws for Thanksgiving. Husband, MIL and I took Little S. to the Portsmouth, VA Children's Museum. If you're ever able to go, you really should take your kids there. There are so many hands-on activities (and lots of hand sanitizing stations) for the kiddos and Little S. had an absolute blast!

Watching the trains

Moving freight from a cargo ship to land!

Little S. and her daddy inside of a bubble!

She got to "drive" a real fire truck.

Police motorcycle!

 Firefighter S!

Enormous chair... as if I didn't already feel small.

A little over halfway through the visit, Little S. took a break on daddy's shoulders.

Learning about pulley systems

This was not easy.


Little S. checking her image out on the opposite side of a pin board

I'd never been to one of these hands-on kids' museums before and I was so pleased with all of the things we could play with! Not included in the photos, but also enjoyed were grocery shopping, being a veterinarian, playing doctor and dentist, going to see Christmas lights, learning about air with vacuums, hot air balloons, and rockets, and going through a home and garden to learn about energy and bugs!

Also, this was our first attempt at pigtails. Just an FYI. And we LOVE them!

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