Sunday, December 4, 2011


One of my goals in life is to make sure my daughter isn't as OCD about domestic things as I am. I want her to enjoy her life fully and as much as I'm very happy, I have lost a lot of sleep and taken a lot of anxiety medication over a messy house or laundry not being done. That being said, I really enjoy being domesticated (and stuff) during the holidays! And Little S. really took to decorating the tree and baking Christmas treats to send to family members that we won't get to see over the holiday. Little S. wore her apron (even out on our errands!), mixed the brownie batter, and vacuumed with her daddy.

We finally got batteries for Little S.' vacuum cleaner and as soon as she heard daddy running the vacuum, she grabbed her own, ran into our bedroom, and started working right alongside him. (Husband is being awesome and vacuuming the dust off of our ceiling fans... Does anyone else run into that issue?)

While the two look-alikes worked on the cleaning, I baked literally What's the result? Oatmeal cookies, sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate peanut butter fudge brownies, double chocolate brownies, cinnamon clove cookies, oatmeal cookies, regular shortbread and cocoa almond shortbread. All of those are tightly sealed and waiting for next weekend's coconut lemon bars and white chocolate peppermint pretzel rods to be made and then the mail's going out! Now, I just have to keep Husband and Little S. out of the cookie jar(s).

^ Shortbreads - the small slice is a half of the one I gave my neighbor for feedback.

^ Double chocolate brownies

^ Cinnamon clove cookies baking in the oven!

^ I'm going to need to hide these babies so they last before sending!

I hope the recipients of le baked goods enjoy them! And I'll be back tomorrow with Little S.' visit with Santa!

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