Monday, December 5, 2011

Little S. Meets Santa!

There comes a time in our lives when it's time to meet Santa. Little S. was terrified of "characters" last year, so we thought putting her on the lap of a stranger would have been traumatizing. This year, she's been on the search for Santa since the day after Halloween (kid after my own heart). So as soon as we had the opportunity, a meeting with Santa was on our to-do list. The day came sooner than we thought it would, but Little S. was ecstatic. And oh-so-nervous.

She was awe-struck and shook Santa's hand like it was made of glass.

I've never seen her so shy! Biting nails and looking down... but it was sweet!

She told Santa she was a good girl and really wanted Toodee and Muno (from Yo Gabba Gabba).

When Santa told Little S. to give him a hug and say, "bye-bye", she looked at him like the world was going to end. She hugged him and looked down like she was about to cry that it was all over.

And then... we talked about Santa until...
We haven't stopped.

Have your kids met Santa? Have they seen him this year?

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