Saturday, January 21, 2012

16 Weeks With Bean

dress: Motherhood
Wow... that's literally all I'm wearing (that you can see)!

Please excuse my extremely ragged state. I literally got out of bed, threw this dress on, and had Husband take my picture. Gotta keep it real, right? I sort of can't believe how enormous I am at 16 weeks. I was looking back at photos we took when I was pregnant with S. and I'm comparable to 20 weeks with her. Here's to growth! One good thing about getting bigger this time? I haven't gained a pound. In fact, I've lost two since my last appointment. And no, I'm not dieting. I'm just walking every day, eating right, and when you have weight to lose and are doing the right things, I guess the fat can still come off and things balance out. Anyway, my doctor will be proud since I'm not allowed to gain more than 15-20 pounds the whole time. And the good Lord knows that come 20 weeks, I'm gonna balloon up like nobody's business.

This week, I've felt... hormonal. My mood is shifting all over the place and while my headaches subsided for a few weeks, they've been coming back a bit this week. I'm extra exhausted and have felt very dizzy when standing up or getting out of bed. I know that's because of all the extra blood pumping through me, but even though I've experienced this all before, sometimes I still get surprised and/or scared when I think I might fall on my face. I still can't sleep very well because I'm having a hard time getting comfortable with my back aches. It's kind of nuts how it all comes so early the second time around. I know I keep saying that, but I'm shocked! I didn't have trouble sleeping until I was almost 30 weeks before. And I sleep SO LIGHTLY!

I've been craving bad-for-me foods, which I've been trying to stray from as much as my body and mind will let me. For instance, I want salt and vinegar chips SO badly. But I'll go for naked pita chips and hummus instead. Salt isn't going to do anything good for weight gain or water retention! And sometimes I really want a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream. I don't have a back-up plan for when that craving comes along, so I usually just do it. 

Today, we are cleaning the house, starting the big S' birthday room makeover, and celebrating my mother-in-law's birthday! Big day! Let's go! Hope you all have a great weekend.

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