Friday, January 20, 2012

Dressed by Rochelle

You know your friend has great taste in clothing when you put together an outfit and realize later in the day that more than one piece was chosen, bought, and gifted by that person. I have Rochelle to thank for the obvious statement piece of this outfit and the necessary black heels (that I did not own until she gave these to me for my birthday last year!). 

I told you all that the weekends are my runway and I really enjoy taking my time to pick out outfits and look nice for church. Blazers are going to be a big part of my "dress up" wardrobe since I can keep them open and still look pretty polished. The unexpected cream hue of this particular blazer is perfect to play up any outfit during all of the seasons! 

top: Old Navy
cami: Rue 21
blazer: Thrifted and gifted by/from Rochelle
pants: Motherhood Maternity
heels: Ross, gifted by/from Rochelle

That last one's just in case you were wondering
1) what the top of my head looks like
2) what color my roots really are.

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