Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Work It Wednesday: Little S. Room Headway

Last week, I shared the monstrosity that was Little S.' room pre-organization. It was a bit embarrassing and I actually shocked myself a little by letting it get that bad. Thankfully, it's my short week at work and when I got off at one yesterday, S. and I went full speed ahead on organizing, packing up old toys/clothes, and making room for... well, a new room.

Obviously, we haven't started the re-construct, but now I can actually SEE what is there and what needs to be done. Thankfully, S. was very cooperative and super ready to part with several of the toys that were taking up so much space!

What I did:
- moved the rocking chair and changing table out of the room
- packed up all 2T and 3T clothing (she's in mostly 4T!)
- packed up 50% of the toys in the room
- reorganized the drawers and closet
- put the toy box in the closet

Excuse my finger. S' name is on her door, so I was blocking it out!

There's still lots of work to do and Hubs made an awesome spreadsheet with all of the items we need, itemized and priced. So now, we're prepared to move forward and painting is happening this weekend!

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