Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Polka Dotted, Ruffled Sweet Little S.

There's really nothing better than have a total sassafras for a kid. Let me tell you- "Pose!" And she's hammin' it up in seconds. The girl loves to be in front of the camera and I'm so glad she's one of the little ones that enjoys getting her picture taken! Before church on Sunday, I was getting my outfit photos taken and Little S. just had to get in on the fun. Here's her shoot!

dress: Old Navy
tights: Target
shoes: Once Upon a Child
sass: It's all hers.

Little S. is beyond excited to find out if Bean is a baby brother or sister. Our ultrasound just happens to be on her third birthday, so we're taking special care to make the day all about her! Husband's taking the day off work and spending it with the birthday girl and I'll get off at 1. We'll meet at the doctor, where Bean will hopefully cooperate and show the goods. Then, we'll go shopping and Little S. will get to pick Bean's very first outfit. Because you know being big sister is a huge, very important job!

Favorite Little S. & Bean moment so far: 
Little S. plays drums on my tummy and says she's playing music ("noosic") for baby.

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