Friday, February 10, 2012

Confessional Friday with A Blonde Ambition

1. I have eaten an entire jar of baby dill pickles over the course of two days.
2. I have never been as frustrated with my wardrobe as I am right now. Seriously, NOTHING fits. All I can manage to breathe in are ugly sweatpants and maternity leggings.
3. THIS face is just about the only thing that's getting me through my long days lately.
4. My birthday is on Monday and I'm trying to get more excited. 28 isn't really that grand, I guess.
5. All I want for my birthday is a collection of well-fitting maternity clothes. Is that lame?
6. I stashed up on some cloth diapers before we found out the gender of Baby Bean and this is what I've ended up with so far:
(I think I need to add some pink and purple to the mix so it doesn't look like I was hoping for something...)
For the record, I was NOT hoping for something. It just seems that gender neutral choices look more "boyish." I am THRILLED to be having another little angel girl!
7. I'm counting down the days until mid-March!!!

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