Saturday, April 21, 2012

Baby Bean Update: 29 Weeks

Happy Saturday! Aaaand... we're at 29 weeks! In my mind, I just think of it as 30 weeks. Not only because they're so close to each other, but because Bean is coming a week early, so at 29 weeks, I have 10 weeks left. Sorry, this wasn't meant to turn into a math post. That's the deal, though. And this is where we are! People keep saying things to me that you shouldn't ever say to a pregnant woman, which is really fun. My reactions are not so much rude as indifferent. Example: In WalMart last week, a lady said, "Oh, wow. That baby is coming soon." I said, "Sure." I mean, maybe 10 weeks is soon to some people. Maybe she thought I was going to have Bean next week (something makes me think choice B is more along the lines of WalMart lady's mindset). I get tired of explaining the laws of physics to people: I grow out, not up. I don't have up room. I'm not 5'7". I'm 4'11" (okay, 4'10 1/2ish"). I don't look like *most* other pregnant women. So, "Sure" is just an easier and more efficient response, lately.
 dress: Forever 21, belt: Old Navy, scarf: Happy Scarf, shoes: Fergie

Bean is ON my spine/sacrum. I feel her kicks in my back more than my belly and last night, I literally crawled to bed. When I got up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, I sat on the toilet and cried because my low back was hurting so badly that I thought I might just sleep right where I was. Back pain is boring old news, although it's much more acute now. The unfortunate part about that is that it's probably only going to get worse. The fortunate side to everything is that all the pain and discomfort has the best outcome, ever. A new symptom: Crying. I mean all.the.time. I've always been an emotional person, but I've gotten better over the past two years. Over the past week, I've become a blubbering idiot and it's not been fun! Today, I cried because my husband walked S across the street to talk to our neighbors' (for 5 minutes) and she didn't have any sunscreen. In my defense, I've been reading a lot about early-onset melanoma, so I'm totally freaked out... AND it was 1:00- sun way high in the sky. I totally overreacted, though. I cried for almost a half hour.

Here's to the next 10 weeks! We still haven't done anything in the nursery. Oops.

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