Friday, April 20, 2012

Homecoming Gifts

There's nothing like coming home from a week away and having tons of packages waiting! The first gift was one from myself and the last is one I can't show you quite yet! But S and I had a smorgasbord of fun things to open upon our return from Virginia and I wanted to share them with you.

I bought myself a clearance apron from Plow & Hearth while visiting my mom. It's so me- bright yellow, ruffle, and a pocket for when I need to carry my spatula around the house. Convenience is key.
 My sweet, sweet friend, Megan, sent me a package full of fun goodies! I was so excited and am still very, very thankful for such a wonderful friend!
 In my package, I received pacis, chocolate, and itty bitty little onesies! These are actually 3-6 month size. I think I forgot how little babies are. Bean is going to be sooo wittle!
My husband thought these Soothing Breast Wipes were a funny gift, but I don't think anyone knows how much I've talked to Megan about my fear of nursing! I'm not afraid to do it. I'm afraid it won't work out! These just showed me that she's listening and is here to help when I need it. And I think these little wipes just might come in handy! 
 I also got these awesome commuter flats from Megan! She's not much of a flats girl. Check out her blog and you'll see what I mean. I, on the other hand, am rarely caught in heels (especially in my current state of enormity). 
 My lovely friend, Aline, of the Polkadot Sweater, sent me this pattern that I won in a giveaway of hers a few weeks ago! I *really* hope that I can manage the sewing project, because the purse is absolutely gorgeous. We'll see if I can fight the zipper!
 Some of you might remember me begging and pleading for your help on facebook about two weeks ago. Because you're awesome, Mikarose sent this dress for Little S! Isn't it so pretty? I'll definitely post photos as soon as she wears it (likely to church this Sunday).
 My Granny sent S an awesome Easter package, complete with two outfits, headbands, barrettes, a book, and a little chicky! Thanks, Granny!
There's something so awesome about receiving fun things in the mail, isn't there? I wish I had more money so I could send presents all the time!

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